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Choosing a quality and reputable asphalt contractor is essential since substandard work could cause problems beyond your driveway or parking lot. Pooling water can shorten the life of your parking lot and lead to other liabilities. Poor drainage could lead to water in your garage or basement and ultimately damage your home’s foundation.

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Quality asphalt work, done by a quality asphalt contractor, should last decades where a poor job may need to be repaired or replaced in only a couple of years time. As an asphalt contractor, Asphalt Care of Texas is committed to providing quality, lasting work that is appealing to the eye when completed. At Asphalt Care of Texas, we care about your property and believe it would be almost impossible to find people that care as much as we do.


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Of course, we want to do business with you and have you hire us as your asphalt contractor, but even if you decide to take your business elsewhere, we want you to be informed. Here are points to consider when choosing an asphalt contractor, points we genuinely care about are making sure that our asphalt contractor you intend to hire is well established and possesses the proper licensing, bonding and insurance.


We have all of this at Asphalt Care of Texas! Have a clear picture of how you want the finished job to look. Diagrams and drawings are always helpful and will lessen the chance you will see the finished job and think, “This isn’t what I had in mind.”


This is will also enable you to give the asphalt contractor a clear idea of what is needed so you can have the most accurate estimates. Any direction for the asphalt contractor is a good thing! Do not be afraid to ask questions of your asphalt contractor. You should walk the site with the asphalt contractor. Discuss problems like poor drainage or the lack of underlying support.

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A quality asphalt contractor should have no problem explaining things. You should always be fully informed and completely comfortable with your asphalt contractor and the project. Avoid asphalt contractors who say they have secret or new methods of asphalt paving.


Asphalt Care of Texas has been in business for many years, so we’re informed, but these new or secret methods are usually just ways to cut corners and minimize cost…and result in a poor quality job. Be wary of asphalt contractors that offer leftover asphalt at a discounted price. You are better off hiring and using quality materials and a professional asphalt contractor.


A quality asphalt job starts with caring from the ground up. We truly believe that at Asphalt Care of Texas. Caring is in our name, but it is more than a name for us, it is a way of conducting business. When you think an asphalt contractor, we want you to think of the people who care about you and the jobs we do, Asphalt Care of Texas. Call us today to learn more about Asphalt Care of Texas and hopefully hire us as your asphalt contractor.