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Many commercial buildings use asphalt for asphalt parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. It is a material that wears well, does not crack, or damage easily. It is particularly good for asphalt parking lots. Sealcoating asphalt is the best way to provide protective maintenance around a commercial building or business. Asphalt parking lots last many years when protected properly. Looking for a contractor to help with your asphalt parking lots? Look no further than our team of experts at Asphalt Care of Texas. We are ready to help make your asphalt parking lots look fantastic.

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At Asphalt Care of Texas, we know that sealcoating benefits are the prevention of moisture damage to driveways, roads, and asphalt parking lots. Moisture does not seep beneath the surface layer to cause damage. When water seeps below the surface and freezes, then thaws, this causes cracks in the asphalt. When cars and trucks drive through the parking lot, oil and gas can spill out. Gasoline and other chemicals damage asphalt. When asphalt deteriorates, it creates costly repairs. With a protective coating on asphalt parking lots, customers can clean up the spills before real damage occurs. At Asphalt Care of Texas, we can offer quality asphalt parking lots and protection.


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A well-done asphalt driveway or parking lot looks new. It gives any building a quality appearance from the street. Asphalt parking lots can help a business look well-cared for and maintained. It upgrades the appearance of the neighborhood.


Asphalt Care of Texas provides superior sealcoating services and asphalt parking lots for homes and businesses. This protective coating saves consumer costly repairs for replacing damaged asphalt. Our licensed and certified staff at Asphalt Care of Texas is trained to do the job correctly and provide quality asphalt parking lots and sealcoating. This coating protects the asphalt surface from the weather, chemicals, and vehicle wear.


Asphalt parking lots are a good investment. It is the preferred pavement choice for most commercial buildings and homes. This versatile material can be used for parking lots, highways, heavy commercial equipment, and shipments. Water drains through the surface of asphalt, and off to the side resulting in less ice. There is less water splashed from vehicles in asphalt parking lots.

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The smooth material makes it easier for tires to grip the surface. All these factors make asphalt safer to use for asphalt parking lots. Asphalt is sustainable and offers long term wear. At Asphalt Care of Texas, we can provide services for crack, pothole repair and sealing.


Asphalt parking lots for the home, businesses, hospitals, or retail stores can be installed quickly and last for years. Repairing cracks in the pavement quickly is important when it occurs. This causes further damage and can add up to costly repairs. Professional crack sealant should be applied to asphalt parking lots with professional equipment and we can provide that at Asphalt Care of Texas.


These repairs to asphalt parking lots in shopping malls, businesses, hospitals, companies, warehouses, and homes should be fixed quickly. Asphalt Care of Texas provides quality work in design and installing asphalt parking lots, driveways, general repair and installing speed bumps. Call us today for your asphalt parking lot needs!