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Are you considering asphalt repair or resurfacing your asphalt? After many years, an asphalt surface often becomes rough and filled with cracks and blemishes. For the best results, hire a professional. Asphalt Care of Texas will help you by providing professional asphalt repair for your damaged asphalt surface. If you need to have asphalt repaired from start to finish, Asphalt Care Of Texas can help with your repairs. Asphalt Care of Texas will help you by repairing pot holes, cracks, line striping, and sealcoating your asphalt surface. 

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When determining what must be done to repair your asphalt, one of our asphalt professionals will come out and survey your driveway or parking lot. Most of the time these areas are filled with cracks, holes, and all sorts of blemishes. After getting our eyes on the asphalt we will determine how much repair work needs to be done and if we will need to sealcoat the entire area afterwords. After answering these questions we will provide you with a free quote! 

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Frequently asphalt repair professionals will also heat with a propane torch, without burning, the asphalt area to be covered or the contour of the hole to be filled. After a good preparation, an asphalt repair professional will then fill the cavity with asphalt paste and level it by tapping with a trowel.


For small cracks (less than ¾ of an inch wide), an asphalt repair professional can fill the crack with a special coating of rubber and asphalt. A quality sealant is usually required. An asphalt repair professional will also frequently apply hot asphalt to a thickness of at least 1 inch after compaction. The wider the width the crack is, and especially if it is closer to the ¾ inch mark, the more liquid product will have to be used in order to adequately fill the empty cavity.


There are many liquid products specifically designed for minor asphalt repairs. Depending on the size of the crack, the thickness of the liquid should vary. The level of the ground and the area must be able to accommodate an additional thickness of asphalt. If the surface to be covered is damaged (dents, cracks, holes, etc.), an asphalt repair professional will make repairs before spreading the plaster.

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It is important to mention that there are situations in which resurfacing is not recommended. For a large crack of more than ¾ inches or for potholes, an asphalt repair professional will repair the defect with a cold asphalt mix specially designed for this type of repair.


For a new asphalt repair, a sealant will have to be applied each year during the first two years. Subsequently, the same operation will have to be repeated every two years. Remember that the appearance of a crack favors the infiltration of water, the main enemy of asphalt. As for deep cracks, an asphalt repair professional will seal them with polyethylene foam.


The outline of the area will then be heated to allow the new asphalt to adhere well to the surface. In a second step, an adhesive product will be applied to guarantee that the new asphalt will be connected to the old asphalt. Note that a sealant should usually be re-applied every two or three years after paving the asphalt. Asphalt Care of Texas can help you by providing the right products and tools suitable for each asphalt repair scenario.