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It is the stuff that our roads, highways, and blacktop playgrounds are made of. We do not think about it, but asphalt is very important to the economy. Because of asphalt, we have the roads we need to travel safely from place to place. Without it, we would have dirt roads that may be dangerous due to rocks, ruts, and uneven surfaces. There are companies that provide services for laying the asphalt we need to lay down roads, highways, and play areas for children.

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Concrete is a substance that makes sidewalks, curbs, and other structures that are necessary. Concrete bollards are very useful. For those individuals who do not know what they are, a simple Internet search will show that they are useful as barriers for cars. They are useful outside of businesses and in parking lots to help cars park in the appropriate locations. Concrete bollards can be placed along a sidewalk; either by a clearing or anywhere else they are needed.


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Bollards are solid concrete and can be made to be quite decorative. Concrete bollards can be expensive if you do not shop around. Asphalt Care of Texas is able to provide you with the best price around, and also figure out which bollards work best for your business. Concrete bollards are solid concrete, but can be mixed with rocks or other materials to help make them decorative.


Concrete bollards are helpful and can protect your property in the case of a car accident. They can also protect pedestrians on sidewalks and within parking lots. Concrete bollards can be a good addition to your property. If these make sense for you, give us a call and see what our suggestions for your specific situation might be.



No, we are not talking about the bumper cars at the county fair or carnival. Surely that is the first thing you think about when you hear bumpers; bumper cars. We are talking about concrete bumpers, which you probably have seen before but did not know they had a name. These are the things that are at the end of almost every parking space in a parking lot.

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Concrete bumpers are the grey or yellow rectangular pieces of concrete that tell you where to stop when pulling your vehicle into a parking space. These bumpers are made out of pure concrete and can be pretty heavy. If you go over concrete bumpers, it can really damage your car. That is not what you want, so park carefully.


Concrete bumpers have been around for a long time and they are inexpensive, depending on where you go. Asphalt Care of Texas has the cheapest rates, so you can save money and get the concrete bumpers you need for your business. The great thing about concrete bumpers is that they can be painted and customized to fit your needs. Anything concrete can be painted and you can have that done for your business as well.


Whether you use concrete bollards or concrete bumpers for your business, parking lot, or residence, rest assured that we can help you secure the best price and best suggestions for your unique situation. We know that each person is an individual, and no two people are the same. Why should your business be any different? Let Asphalt Care of Texas help you today! Pick up the phone and let us help you by doing what we do best.