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At Asphalt Care Of Texas we offer a number of different asphalt maintenance services. Whether you are needing asphalt repair such as sealcoating or crack sealing we have you covered! We also offer installation of bumpers and bollards! Bumpers and bollards are used to stop vehicles from hitting buildings, utilities, and keeping vehicles from entering areas that you dont want them to go!

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Bumpers and bollards are helpful and can protect your property in the case of an accident. They can also protect pedestrians on sidewalks and within parking lots. If installing a bumper or bollard might make sense for you, give us a call and see what our suggestions for your specific situation might be.


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Whether you use concrete bollards or concrete bumpers for your business, parking lot, or residence, rest assured that we can help you secure the best price and best suggestions for your unique situation. We know that each person is an individual, and no two people are the same. Why should your business be any different? Let Asphalt Care of Texas help you today! Pick up the phone and let us help you by doing what we do best.